Seniori bed



Бренд Kiteen

Варианты исполнения

80×200 | 90×200 | 120×200 | 160×200 cm

Solidwood birch Seniori bed is a durable and safe choice.

Bed’s sitting height is higher compared to normal (49 cm), which makes landing on bed and respectively getting up from it easy and smooth.

Senori bed is also available in a lower sitting height version.

Check out also the available accessories and equipment for this series as, for example, lifting support, safety rail and motor bed frame.


Seniori series is an authentic and original Finnish design created especially for the elderly.

Pieces of furniture made from high-quality solidwood birch are safe and durable.

Seniori series’ products bring comfort and ease to the everyday life.

Ecologically manufactured Seniori products are suitable for every environment and for each of us.


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