Kolo bedside table with door



Бренд Kiteen

Варианты исполнения

75x101x36 cm

Kolo bedside table is a modern classic of the Finnish design at its best.

Lovely bedside table fits into every bedroom and adds timeless style.

The height of Kolo bedside table with door makes it a good addition to a more massive looking bed.

There is a spacious storage hidden behind the door of this stylish product.

Drawers and doors close softly thanks to high-quality furniture fittings.


Kolo series brings extraordinary style to your home.

Series is designed to be aesthetically timeless, and each crafted detail brings a feeling of modern Northern neatness.

Special looking handles in Kolo series add uniqueness to the wholeness of an extraordinary look.

The finest end result guarantees a finish which has plenty of small and accurate details.


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